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How we collect information.
Our Website’s server and management system routinely collects
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However, collected technical information is not linked to any of
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We may use cookies.
We may use cookies to collect anonymized information about how
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How we use your information.
We may use personally identifiable information.
Direct PT Boise may use personally identifiable information that you
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information about Direct PT Boise’s programs, or services, to provide
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Without your consent, we do not sell or lease your information.
You may opt-out of communications from us.
If you do not wish to receive our marketing communications, please
tell us, and we will respect your wish to opt-out of communications.
Do not provide us with your protected health
We take our responsibility to protect the privacy of your information
seriously. This Privacy Policy details how Direct PT Boise
approaches the confidentiality of its visitors and clients. This Website
is not intended to transmit or store protected health information
(“PHI”). Accordingly, Direct PT Boise’s activities as they relate to this
Website may not comply with the Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (“HIPAA”). Some protections that extend to our
practice records and data are not necessarily extended to non-PHI-
related information shared or transmitted on this website.
We have no duty to monitor any information that you provide.
Do not use, provide, transmit, store, or disclose any PHI through our
Website. We have no affirmative duty to monitor the sensitivity or

type of the data that you might provide, transmit, store, or disclose
while using this Website. If we develop actual knowledge that you are
using, providing, transmitting, storing, or disclosing PHI through our
Website, we may (at our discretion) revoke your access to the
Website and its Content.
Indemnify us against damages from your sharing of PHI.
If you, nevertheless, in violation of the Conditions of Use and this
Privacy Policy, use, provide, transmit, store, or disclose PHI in
connection with this Website or the Content, you agree to indemnify
Direct PT Boise against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments,
costs, or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees and costs,
arising out such use, provision, transmission, storage, or disclosure
of PHI.
This Website is not for children.
This Website is not intended to attract children (those under the age
of eighteen). We do not collect personally identifiable information
from any person who we have actual knowledge is under the age of
eighteen. If we inadvertently come to possess personally identifiable
information about such person(s), we will not knowingly disclose
such information to any third party.
Security of communications through this Website.
Although this Website allows communications with Direct PT Boise
and its providers via email, most email is unencrypted. This means
that unauthorized persons may be able to intercept emails that you
exchange with Direct PT Boise. We are not responsible for the
privacy of any email messages.
Security of websites owned or operate by others.
Direct PT Boise may provide links on this Website to third-party
websites that are not owned or operated by us. We are not
responsible for and do not control the information on these websites.
Prior to following any third-party link, you should review that
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website may bind you to those third-party terms and policies.
How we monitor our Social Media.

Direct PT Boise uses social media to provide informational and
educational content. We encourage your participation in our social
media channels, including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,
YouTube, LinkedIn, and other channels (collectively “social media”).
We may expand or narrow our social media channels without notice
to you. This Privacy Policy applies to our activities on any social
media outlet, on our Website, and those accessed through our
Direct PT Boise may monitor and remove any postings or content on
its social media that, in its sole discretion, are inappropriate.
We have no duty to monitor our social media.
Direct PT Boise may, but has no affirmative duty to, oversee its social
media accounts. Direct PT Boise may monitor, prohibit, restrict,
block, suspend, terminate, or delete your access to its social media
at any time. We may review, edit, and delete anything you publish on
our social media without prior notice to you and in our sole discretion.
Social media activity does not constitute health advice.
Our social media postings and content are not medical or healthcare
advice. They are not a substitute for the advice of a licensed
healthcare professional who is familiar with your health history. Even
if the poster is a licensed healthcare professional, their comments
should not be construed as personal health advice to you. If you
have a medical concern, you should always personally consult with a
healthcare provider. Please contact us directly to schedule an
appointment. In an emergency, call 911.
We prohibit certain content on our social media.
Your activity on Direct PT Boise’s social media is public, and
information shared on social media in most circumstances cannot be
un-shared. Your decision to post something may be irrevocable, or
incapable of being undone. Do not disclose personally identifiable
information, such as your location, medical records, or financial
You are responsible for your conduct.
You are solely responsible for your activity on Direct PT Boise’s
social media. Do not: (1) misrepresent yourself or use another

person’s identity; (2) engage in harassment, defamation, spam,
offensive content, aggressive behavior, or illegal activities; and (3)
publish illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, unlawful, profane,
or abusive content.
Visitors may reproduce postings on our social media.
If you post content on Direct PT Boise’s social media, you provide us
with a non-exclusive, royalty-free, and worldwide license to
reproduce, distribute, edit, reformat, publish, or display the content
for any purpose. You acknowledge that Direct PT Boise cannot and
does not control the conduct of other visitors to its social media, who
may reproduce your posts without your permission.
Opinions expressed by individuals who are unaffiliated with Direct PT
Boise do not reflect the views of Direct PT Boise.
Incorporated into this Website’s Conditions of Use.
This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Website’s Conditions of
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California Shine the Light law.
Although we are located in Boise, Idaho, to the extent that Direct PT
Boise is subject to California Civil Code Section 1798.83 (commonly
known as “Shine the Light” law), it will comply.