Scoliosis Specific Therapy That Lengthens & Strengthens Your Spine

So you can live an active life free of pain and worry

Where to Start

girls_back with scoliosis

I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis. Where do I start?

Call 208-908-8540 or email to schedule a free, in-person, 30 minute consultation in our Boise office.


xray of curved spine with scoliosis

What will I need?

Most recent x-rays of your spine. You can email or fax us the images, or bring the CD with your images with you to your appointment. If you do not have x-rays, no worries. You can still book your 30 minute consult. We will take a look at your back and let you know whether x-rays will be necessary before starting treatment.

girl_with_poles performing scroth exercises

Ok, yes, I’d like to try Schroth! What can I expect?

  • Diagnosis of your specific curve pattern.  
  • A comprehensive evaluation and education regarding your curves and posture.
  • Exercises tailored to work on the best possible 3-dimensional corrections using Scoliosis Specific Exercises.  
  • Come well rested and dressed in comfortable clothes (sports bra for females.).  
  • Plan on 1.5-2 hours for the initial consultation.  All follow-up sessions after that are one hour in length. 
Scoliosis testing

How often are appointments and how many sessions will I need?

After your initial evaluation, appointments are typically scheduled once per week. Expect a minimum of 15 sessions, with option to continue as needed.
Scoliosis treatment

What will I need for home?

  • Schroth requires some home equipment.
  • After your initial consultation, we will help guide you on what specific items you will need.
  • We have scoliosis correction pads and traction belts available for purchase in our office.
  • Here is a comprehensive list of other Schroth items (again, we will help guide you as all curves are different.).
  • Click here to download the the list of Schroth items.
In Session

Do you take insurance?

Please refer to our “Insurance” tab above.

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I’d like to know more about Schroth, can I have more information regarding the method?

Please refer to our “Schroth Method” tab above for more detailed information.

Book a 30-minute Complimentary Consultation

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