Rita Miller PT, MPT, C2 Certified in Scoliosis Specific Exercises

Morgan Cox PT, DPT, C2 Certified in Scoliosis Specific Exercises


About Rita

Meet Rita Miller

Rita Miller opened ScoliSpine (Previously Direct Physical Therapy Boise) in 2018. She’s been a licensed Physical Therapist for over 20 years and has practiced in several locations in both the New York City and Kansas City Metro areas. Her experience lead her to open a practice bringing high-quality personalized care back to our often rushed healthcare system.

Later that year Rita’s 12-year-old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. Having lived with scoliosis herself, she was already familiar with the Schroth Method and began looking for a certified Therapist in the Treasure Valley. To her disappointment, there were none located in the entire state of Idaho. Long story short, she decided to pursue the C1 Level Certification for Scoliosis Specific Exercises through the Schroth-Barcelona Institute. To further enhance her practice in March of 2020, she completed her C2 Certification in Scoliosis Specific Exercises allowing her to treat more complicated spinal deformities including pre- and post-surgical adults and children, degenerative scoliosis conditions, and adults at high risk for pain and progression.

Through this certification process Rita has found her mission. Her hope is to give all patients facing spinal deformities a conservative treatment option that was previously unavailable for them here in Idaho.



Physical Therapist

Meet Morgan Cox

Morgan recently moved to Boise and joined Scolispine in 2023 after practicing for 5 years in Oregon. Morgan was born and raised in Texas and at the age of 10 was diagnosed with scoliosis. As her scoliosis progressed,  she experienced rigid bracing, CLEAR scoliosis, spinecor brace, and the Schroth Method. It was her experiences as a patient that led her to pursue a career as a physical therapist with aspirations of specializing in conservative management and treatment of scoliosis. Morgan received her Bachelors of Health and Exercise Science at the University of Oklahoma in 2015 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine in 2017. To further her career, she completed C1 Level Certification for Scoliosis Specific Exercises through the Schroth-Barcelona Institute in 2019 and then went on to complete C2 Level Certification in 2020. Morgan helped start a scoliosis program at a rural hospital outpatient clinic in Oregon to help treat adolescent and adult scoliosis.  Now Morgan is excited to help Rita continue to grow Scolispine!