“I found Rita when I was looking for a scoliosis specific PT. She is truly a life-saver. She is the only Schroth certified therapist in the Boise area. Her level of expertise in this method is outstanding. The exercises that she has taught me are specific to my curves. I see her every few weeks to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly. Every time I attend a session I learn more and feel better. Since working Rita on strengthening my concavities, I’m able to golf, ski, swim, do Pilates with no pain. Rita is definitely the PT you go to if you want to learn to live comfortably with your scoliosis.”
Jacqueline J.

“Rita has helped me so much with my back pain, I sure wish I could have had her help years ago as the pain was something I lived with for probably more than ten years. . She is very knowledgeable about scoliosis conditions. Her help has given me much relief.
Thanks Rita!”
Kathy M.

“I’m so glad I found Rita. I’ve suffered with chronic pain from scoliosis for so many years, and nothing seemed to help for very long. But after just a few sessions with Rita, and doing the exercises she taught me, I’m already feeling a huge difference. Hip pain is almost gone and I’m sleeping better. It is a commitment to practice these exercises, but the results are so worth it!”
Colleen M.

“Rita has helped almost everyone in our growing family maintain healthy spines. Her professionalism is balanced with kindness and understanding. Her approach is clinical and evidence based, which we greatly appreciate. We trust ScoliSpine100%!”

“Rita Miller was referred to me by my PCP. I had been experiencing extreme pain in my left leg, knee and hip as a result of some mistakes I made in my workout routine. I liked Rita right from the start when we spoke on the phone-she was professional, personable, accommodating and easy to talk to! AND based on our initial phone consultation, she said I would probably just need two appointments, which said a lot to me. No dragging things out-no nickel and dime games here. That established trust immediately. My first appointment exceeded my expectations! She took so much time to diagnose what could be causing my pain-and explained it in terms that made sense to me. We walked through my “homework” and made a follow up appointment to check in after two weeks. Simply said, she was effective, knowledgeable, helpful, personable, efficient, professional and fun to get to know! I HIGHLY recommend Rita Miller and Direct Physical Therapy!“
Sylvia N.

“My daughter sees Rita for her scoliosis and every time we drive away we both say how much we love her! She really cares about seeing her patients improve. And this physical therapy is so different from any other. It is greatly needed to help combat scoliosis. We are thrilled someone told us about Shroth and so thrilled to have Rita here in Boise!!!”
Kate A.

“Rita is absolutely amazing! I’ve suffered for years from migraines, and had in turn been prescribed a cocktail of pills over the years. After two visits with her, and learning a few new excercises, my migraines have substantially decreased. This month I’ve only had ONE migraine, and taken only ONE pill. This is a huge change in my life!!! Rita gave me the ability to fix my pain, instead of covering it with a bandaid. Thank you Rita for being a doctor that seeks REAL solutions. Thank you for teaching me how to get rid of my pain without prescriptions. You gave me my hope back. I cannot convey to you how grateful I am to not be “fear packing” pain meds with me when I leave my home. For the first time in years I’m falling asleep without the fear of waking up with pain. For the first time in years I’m actually sleeping through the entire night without discomfort waking me up. You really did change so much more in my life then you will ever realize. Thank you for being the one, and only doctor to examine my pain and prescribe something beyond a pill! You changed everything. So glad that I walked into your office!!”
Sarah S.

“I suffer from back pain do to long-standing severe scoliosis. The only thing available locally has been surgery until I found Direct Physical Therapy and Schroth scoliosis treatment. As a retired healthcare professional, with significant orthopedic experience, this type of therapy makes perfect sense. Additionally, I have been treated very efficiently and professionally.“
Jim M.

“I have been active all my life. I grew up
on a bicycle, and if the adventure or race was outside it did not matter whether it was on water, snow, ice or dry land! I believe spine curvature or maybe scoliosis could have been mentioned but never really addressed until 2019. After realizing my weakness on one side and misalignment was real and my last hope to get out of pain was to call Rita. I have to use the Schroth breathing technique everyday and life is good again!”
Jodi C.

“I had my first visit with Rita last week regarding chronic low back pain which began as a disc injury years ago. Since then the pain has flared up off and on throughout the years. At the end of my treatment, my lower back felt more stable, and I had a noticeable increase in low back range of motion. I was so impressed with Rita’s knowledge and her attention to detail. Also- she actually LISTENED to me. She used not only what she found during my assessment but also used my feedback to determine which exercises would be best for me. And best part?? No need to travel to an office or wait in traffic. 10/10 I would recommend Direct PT Boise!”
Jillaine S.

“I had been struggling with siatic nerve pain for months. I had tried foam rollers, stretches, chiropractic work, heating, icing and still no relief. I met with Rita and within 24 hours the pain was significantly reduced and within 48 hours the pain was 90% gone! My favorite part? Rita not only taught ME how to manage the pain, but how I needed to treat the source of the pain! These are simple stretching exercises I can do on my own!
Thank you Rita at Direct Physical Therapy!”
Leslie V.

“Rita was my physical therapist for my knee replacement. She was a key player in my recovery. She was pleasant to work with and knowledgeable in all aspects of PT. I am truly glad that I was able to work with her.”
Linda H.

“Best PT in Boise. I’ve had occasion to go to more than 6-8 PT’s since my physical struggles with my back and neuropathy began 2 years ago. Nobody else came close to the intuitive…especially..strongly considered..thinking that Rita showed. Her knowledge base was impressive right off…and she frequented continuing education seminars…even during my months with her! Bottom line, of course, is translating that into communication, and especially, compassion. She exhibits bountiful amounts of both. I couldn’t be more pleased; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her highly!”
Dave S.

“Rita used a very logical, science-based method to diagnose me and develop a program for help. She has been very responsive and has gone above and beyond to find causes of my pain. I would highly recommend her, even if you’ve tried other physical therapy in the past. She listens to what you’ve done that didn’t work and finds way to attack an issue from another angle.”
Rhonda H.

“Rita is fantastic with my 15 yr old daughter. She is super knowledgeable about scoliosis having been through significant training in the subject. We truly enjoy the time she takes explaining everything in detail and makes the hard things fun as well.”
Kim M.

“I found ScoliSpine when I was looking for other ways to manage the pain from my scoliosis and improve the quality of my life. I feel that we are fortune to have Rita in the Treasure Valley, as she is the only Schroth Certified Therapist specializing in scoliosis specific exercises in Idaho. Since seeing Rita my posture is better and the pain in my back and ribs has decreased! If you or anyone you know has scoliosis, I highly recommend going to ScoliSpine.”
Matt C.

“Top-notch experience with Rita. It’s rare that you find a health professional who exceeds your expectations. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. Personable. If you have concerns about the health of your spine, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Rita. At 16, I was diagnosed with moderate scoliosis. Medical doctors did nothing and advised nothing, merely recommending that I keep an eye on the curvature. That was 38 years ago. I have suffered chronic pain in my right shoulder/upper spine and tension in my lower back for nearly 4 decades. And now my 12 year old daughter displays a curve too. The medical doctors at St. Luke’s have told us to keep an eye on it and to come back in 6 months for another x-ray. In 40 years, the US medical community has not evolved or embraced any type of preemptive treatment other than prescribing antiquated back braces for kids to wear for years. Don’t hesitate to be proactive and become knowledgeable about your curvature. Go see Rita. Your sessions with her will turn out to be one of the best investments you can make in your long term health.”
Trina C.

“I’ve experienced excellent care at Direct Physical Therapy. Rita Miller is the owner and therapist. Her comprehensive exam and treatment options were thoughtfully designed and significantly reduced my pain and discomfort. Rita is kind and genuinely cares about her clients. Rita also offers dry needling which can help with healing and pain management. If you are dealing with the challenges of scoliosis or kyphosis, I highly recommend Rita Miller at Direct Physical Therapy.”
Corbin W.

“Rita is fantastic with my 14 year old daughter that has scoliosis. She is very knowledgeable about scoliosis and the Schroth method for treating it. Rita takes her time explaining everything in detail and makes my daughter feel comfortable and she makes sure all the exercises are well understood by my daughter. Rita is very professional, kind and knowledgeable. She is also very responsive in accommodating to my daughter’s and our schedule. I highly recommend Rita Miller! Thanks Rita!”
Maria W.

“Rita is fantastic! Calm positive approach. I like that she educates as she’s working.. Appreciate that she communicates multiple ways (phone and text).“
Kristina S.

“Rita is professional, kind, and knowledgable.
The Schroth method for treating scoliosis
was recommended to me by my physical therapist in La Grande, Oregon (Dale Johnson). Rita is a drive away but is helping me to straighten my posture and lessen the resulting pain of the 48 degree curve of my spine. Don’t give up! Rita is realistic and goal
Wendy F.

“Rita is amazing and helped us so much! I was diagnosed 35 years ago with scoliosis. I went to physical therapy and was given exercises. I did them and was told I could stop when I was 17 and quit growing and it had not progressed to me needing a brace. I had some neck tension issues in my early 20’s. By the time 30 rolled around it progressed to neck, mid and lower back issues. I saw another physical therapist. More exercises and massage. Then I started regular chiropractic sessions. Still I had neck and back pain and mobility issues. In my mid forties I always felt like my hips and shoulders were rotating me into a pretzel. A physical therapist with a different specialty area referred me to Rita. Game changing. She introduced me to the Schroth method of treatment which was different than any exercises I had ever done before. She taught me how to breathe into the tight and compressed concave areas of my scoliosis curves and also to use traction and gravity to help de-rotate, stretch shortened muscles, and relieve pain. She also taught postural awareness and things to help every day. I feel better than I have in many years. When I suspected our son also had scoliosis, she helped guide me through x-rays and diagnosis and is now helping him learn the same things I have learned and incorporated into my daily routine. For him, time is critical since we caught it very early and he is growing, so we can keep the curves from progressing further. I wish I had known about the Schroth method and had Rita’s guidance years ago!”
Lauri M.

“Rita was great. Very personable and knowledgeable. She took her time assessing my issues and gave me exercises to work on to help strengthen and stretch where needed. Leaving me with video of myself performing the exercises correctly is a great reminder of the exercises to be performed and the proper way to do them. Coming to me also allows her to show me where the exercises can easily be performed in my own home. If you need a physical therapist, I would highly recommend Rita. She also followed up with me, via text, about a week later to be sure that things were going well. I feel that I could contact her any time with questions or concerns. She cares about helping people get better.”
Becky D

“I love a Rita’s commitment to her patients and the variety of techniques she uses!! She is very knowledgeable, experienced and includes a focus on self directed exercises to help speed the recovery process. So convenient that she comes to you and can take her time with her patients.”
Ari C.

“I recently had the pleasure of a physical therapy session with Rita at my office. She is thorough, knowledgeable, practical, and caring. If you haven’t considered mobile physical therapy, I highly encourage you to do so with Rita. You will love her treatment and her simple, easy to understand instructions for self treatment exercise to do between sessions. She even has a handy mobile app to share with you to guide you through your treatments easy day. Thank you, Rita!”
Barry K.

“Rita is the real deal! If you’re stuck in the machine of the current health care system and want some real results instead, do yourself a favor and call Rita!”
Adrian A.

“Rita is a nice lady and a great therapist. When I had my knee surgery, she pushed me, but in a nice way. She was always looking out for what was best for me, reading my personality, and pushing me a little beyond the point I could handle. She is and was awesome and I got back to work quicker that predicted. Thank you Rita!”glad that I was able to work with her.”
Bruce R.

“It’s a little scary not knowing much about scoliosis and she has taken the time to educate me and with the treatments I am getting, I feel a lot better about the future!!! I strongly recommend anyone who has early stages of scoliosis or like me, later stages, to take this serious and make an appointment with Rita Miller and learn what your options are! It’s not to late to start changing your back! I am excited to continue learning on how to take care of my back! Thanks Rita for all your help teaching me and I feel positive this will make a huge difference with my scoliosis!”
Bridgett O.

“Our daughter was recently diagnosed with scoliosis, and we have been a bit lost. After spending time with Rita, we are headed home with a plan and hope. Rita is incredibly knowledgeable and provides compassionate care. Excited to continue working with her.”
Shannon J.