scoliosis treatment boise idaho

Do you live out of town?

Is traveling on a weekly basis for a Schroth therapy session not realistic for you?

Are there no Schroth certified therapists in your area?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Intensive sessions may be what you are
looking for.

Intensive Non-Surgical Treatment

An Initial stay of 1 – 2 weeks for intensive training in BSPTS-Concept by Rigo Physical Therapy is usually recommended for adolescents with as needed follow up visits dependent on each patient’s needs. It will include approximately two hours of Physical Therapy in the morning and two hours in the afternoon for 5 days, with Saturday and Sunday off. All sessions are directed by an Advanced Schroth Certified BSPTS-Concept by Rigo Physical Therapist. Adult intervention must proceed more slowly than adolescent intervention, due to possible rigidity of the tissue, arthritic changes, disc problems, and more well-established movement patterns. The length of time needed to learn and perform the scoliosis exercises independently varies. In general, initially a one week stay is recommended with follow up visits scheduled based on individual needs and circumstances and may include various pain management techniques based on individual needs. Prior to your decision to initiate Physical Therapy at our clinic, your specific needs should be discussed with one of our specially trained Physical Therapists.

Achievable Goals
The goals of treatment are:

  • Independent improvement of the scoliosis curvature in 3 dimensions with carryover in daily life
  • Improved strength and balance of muscle activation
  • Decreased trunk asymmetry
  • Decreased pressure on internal organs
  • Increased lung function
  • Decrease in the mechanical forces that promote progression of the curve
  • Pain relief (if present) with self-management of symptoms
  • When surgical treatment is the best option – to provide exercises prior
    to surgery (pre-hab) and post surgical (rehab) if needed

Manageable Home Program
It is recommended that you perform your Physical Therapy Scoliosis Specific Exercise ( PSSE) home program 5 days a week for approximately 30 minutes a day, if you are an adolescent or young adult. For adults, frequency is based on individual needs. Regular repetition of the exercises for scoliosis and kyphosis helps you “reprogram” your posture away from your specific scoliotic posture to a new more balanced one.

Refresher Sessions
Opportunities for refresher sessions exist and can be arranged as needed.


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